HR Advisory Services

Our HR Advisory services are aimed at maximising the effectiveness of the HR function of the companies. We assist companies to improve their HR management systems and practices and ensure consistency with the company’s needs, as well as with benchmarking Industry practices.

Today’s leaders need to create vibrant organizations where initiative, enquiry and engagement are valued. They need to demonstrate strong alignment, business acumen, and customer focus. In addition, they have to influence thinking patterns, culture and performance of their teams and the Organization.

Leadership Forum is a two day workshop format where Leadership team reviews its Vision, Mission, Culture, Strategy and Structure and develop a plan of action for steering the organization. Our senior consultants facilitate this workshop.

We work with Organizations to identify ‘Talent” within the organization and outside. Getting Right people to Right jobs, Identifying individual development plans ( IDP ) for employees and Building a talent pool which will drive growth for the business.

We help clarify Talent management objectives, and facilitate articulation, review and implementation of comprehensive Talent Management processes that will drive business challenges and build a leadership pipeline.

Individual, Team, departmental, Functional & SBU Goal setting is a critical element of business success. Synapse can facilitate the cascading down process of Goal Setting for individuals from the Business Goals and institutionalizing the process of goal alignment across the Organization and implementing a periodic review mechanism.

Performance Appraisal, an often-used term can never be a “One size fits all” common process for all organizations. The critical parameters that would define the success of a robust Performance Appraisal System would include

  • Alignment with Business Goals
  • Clear & Measurable parameters
  • Organization Culture

Synapse has Designed, Implemented & Trained Managers and Teams on Performance Appraisal for industries in the Manufacturing, IT, Design, Consulting & Project management verticals. We specialize in customizing PAS to meet specific Customer requirements. We can customize our PAS Tool or work along with other technology partners to meet Customer requirements for automation of the Performance Appraisal process.

It is said that, “we get what we expect”. If we expect change to bring us benefits, then we are more likely to find those benefits. At Synapse India, we believe that Leadership is about influencing ‘Change” in the organization. However leaders need to be aware of the Process of bringing about this Change. When a well defined process is not followed, very often, the ‘Change’ initiative falls flat.

We work with organizations to design a Change Management process, train their Change Agents and if necessary work with the organization in implementing the planned ‘Change’.

Our Change Management Services Include:

  • Change management planning sessions
  • Change management awareness training for employees
  • Organization assessment/culture surveys
  • ‘Change’ Vision/mission statement
  • Employee focus groups – problem solving and issues oriented
  • Communication strategies
  • Teambuilding

Diversity & Inclusion helps an organization leverage the strengths of its diverse workforce. Diversity and Inclusion strategies and policies have become an important part of the current business context. These apply to policies covering recruitment, performance management, promotion, and development of an organisation’s workforce, keep them engaged and avoid potential legal issues. This also includes sensitivity training to employees and people managers and review of all communication from the Company to its stakeholders.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment and setting up of an Internal Complaints Committee has become mandatory for all organisations in India who employ more than 10 employees.

Setting up an Internal Complaints Committee, Drafting of the appropriate Policy etc are only the first steps in working towards a harassment free workplace.

When your organization has experienced a formal complaint, has become aware of inappropriate behaviour and/or believes an employee issue needs to be investigated, you need a neutral, third party to help.

Our HR consultants are trained to act as the mandatory external expert and can lead a range of people management interventions and investigations resulting from personality conflicts, human rights violations, mismatched leadership roles, unclear standards, inappropriate employee behaviour, team conflict, and/or poor performance and illegal behaviour.

We use a systematic process to gather evidence and prepare a final client report with recommended actions. Based on our report, the client may identify further measures of remediation such as restoring normal workplace communication, developing new policies and generally taking steps to prevent future challenges.

WE can assist with the following:

  • Review of complaint documents/procedures and policies
  • Interviewing of complainants, respondents, witnesses, staff and management
  • Gathering evidence through documentation of testimony
  • Provision of analysis, synthesis and reporting of final conclusions and results
  • One on one coaching and sensitivity training
  • Training of internal harassment advisors and investigators for cases of intervention in the workplace